Authentic Montessori


LOWER EL Grades 1 – 3

UPPER EL Grade 4 – 6


Elementary School

The Sundrops Elementary Programs offers a unique and intimate setting that fosters confidence and growth through an authentic Montessori education.

During this stage of development children become conceptual rather than sensorial explorers.  They develop a greater understanding of abstraction and imagination.  At this time the style of learning moves into research-based work that often occurs in small groups.

The teacher’s role is to guide students in a way that enables them to utilize their intrinsic motivation to learn.  Elementary teachers use the “Five Great Lessons” as a way to explain grand concepts and the integration of different subjects.  The students are drawn to these lessons; sparking their interest in the various disciplines that stem from the specific story.

Experiential Approach

An experiential approach infuses the Montessori curriculum to provide concrete experiences, including frequent outings into the community.  Near the end of the three-year cycle, lower elementary students will naturally move toward more abstract work, problem solving and real life application of their learning. Which is the foundation of the upper elementary curriculum.

The Sundrops elementary curriculum covers many disciplines, such as language, mathematics, science and history.  Studies are also enriched with Spanish, music, art and yoga that are integrated into the school day and through weekly special area classes.  Practical life, gardening and handwork are an integral part of each work cycle and help the students learn to care for living things and hone their fine motor skills.  The classroom space extends to an outdoor learning environment where students are free to do their work.


Beyond the Books

At Sundrops we strive to educate by nurturing the social, emotional and cognitive developmental needs for each student, individually. Our mission is to awaken your child’s natural desire to learn in an environment where trust, respect, responsibility, community and cooperation flourish. Our classrooms are specially prepared environments with materials that stimulate a student’s sense of curiosity and offer dynamic learning at a student’s own pace.

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