Founded in 1997

85 students

Multi-age classrooms 

  • 2 Toddler Classes
  • 3 Primary Classes
  • 1 Lower Elementary  Class


Nido, Pee Wee Casa & Wee Casa (6 weeks to 3 years) 

The Nido classroom, Italian for “nest,” is designed to meet the needs of children from 3 to 24 months.  At this age children unconsciously observe and absorb everything they sense from the environment.

In this setting, the teacher’s responsibility is to develop a stable relationship with the child.  Trust is established by meeting the physical needs of each baby in a consistent and uninterrupted way.  

Our Wee Casa Program offers children 24 to 36 months a unique opportunity to develop independence, language, self-confidence and practical life skills.  The children are free to move around the room choosing materials that draw their interest.

Children from 3 to 36 months are part of a nurturing social community.  During this time it is most important to establish their first contact with other children and to learn to participate in a cooperative group.


"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed."

-Maria Montessori