Founded in 1997

85 students

Multi-age classrooms 

  • 2 Toddler Classes
  • 3 Primary Classes
  • 1 Lower Elementary  Class


The Sundrops Story

In 1998, under the direction of Shannon Smith, Sundrops Montessori opened its doors with nine children ages 18 months to 5 years old.  Since then Sundrops has expanded to three campuses with programs currently serving children from 3 months to 12 years.  Our focus is to create a peaceful environment sensitive to the physical, educational and emotional needs of the children.  

Under the guidance of Sundrops’ certified Montessori staff, children receive individualized learning in a creative and nurturing environment.  Our multi-aged classroom communities allow children to help teach and learn from one another, mutually benefiting all ages.  

The Montessori classroom and materials are carefully designed and arranged to incorporate all five senses in the learning experience.  Classroom materials captivate children from both a tactile and sensorial perspective, which motivates them to learn complex concepts as their education progresses.  This unique approach gives children confidence and a genuine love of learning.


The Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female doctor, has had a profound influence on education over the past century.  The Montessori curriculum is now implemented on six continents and has proven effective across cultural boundaries and socioeconomic levels.  The goal of a Montessori classroom is to provide a nurturing environment that challenges children academically and stimulates creative, independent learning with respect for the child, the community and the environment.